Swan Global Funds

SWAN Global Private Equity Fund

Seize this unique opportunity with our Swan Global Private Equity Fund to invest in a diversified portfolio with strong performance record managed by an expert team recognized worldwide.

Swan Global Funds Ltd – Schroder GAIA II Global Private Equity shall be issued to Professional Investors only who are defined as:

(i) Retail/Institutional Investors are those who are advised by a professional investment adviser; or

(ii) Sophisticated Investors are those who understand the

  • strategy
  • characteristics,
  • liquidity profile and
  • risks of the underlying investment of the above-mentioned share class.

Investment Objective:

The aim is to provide capital growth over the medium to long term by investing solely in Schroder GAIA II Global Private Equity – Class A (USD), which taps into a diversified range of private equity investments worldwide.

The investment focuses on 5 industry sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Consumer
  • Business Services 
  • Industries

Base Currency:

US Dollar (USD)

Subscription and Redemption Information:

The CIS Manager will determine the Net Asset Value of Swan Global Funds Ltd – Schroder GAIA II Global Private Equity as at the Valuation Day and divide the resulting amount by the number of Class Shares in issue or deemed to be in issue. The value per Share thus produced is truncated to two decimal places.

Subscription Currency: 
Investors may subscribe in MUR/USD/EUR/GBP.

Subscription Charges:
The initial service charge applicable shall not exceed 3.0% and shall be as per the fee structure approved by the Board.

  • Minimum initial subscription = USD 50,000.
  • Minimum additional subscription = USD 25,000.
  • Minimum holding amount = USD 50,000.

Note: Above is acceptable in equivalent amount in MUR/EUR/GBP.
Subscription will be subject to investment window as detailed above in section H.

Valuation Day:
One business day after the pricing of the underlying holding is available.

Find below an introductory video to Schroders GAIA II Global Private Equity Fund.

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