Swan Global Funds

Swan Money Market Fund - MUR

The ideal solution to park your money for the short term while waiting for the perfect opportunity.

By investing primarily in money market instruments, the main objectives of the Fund are to provide a positive MUR return over the short term while maintaining liquidity and low volatility.

This share class is attractive for retail and institutional investors looking for short term positive returns.

The Fund invests primarily in money market instruments, fixed income instruments and cash over the short to medium term on average. The total investment in money market instruments and cash may vary between 75% and 100% with the difference invested in fixed income instruments.

Money market instruments shall include all instruments with a maturity of less than 365 days while all instruments with a longer maturity date shall be classified as fixed income instruments. Investments may be done by investing in collective investment schemes such as mutual funds or exchange traded funds.

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimum Investment: MUR 50,000.
  • Base Currency: MUR.
  • A remunerating alternative to cash at hand or idle cash.
  • Asset Allocation: Money market instruments, fixed income instruments and cash.
  • Investors shall be given the option of making a one-off payment in the form of a Lump Sum.
  • Investors shall also be given the option of subscribing to a Regular Savings Plan (Monthly: MUR 15,000, Quarterly: MUR 25,000, Yearly: MUR 50,000).
  • No subscription and redemption charges shall be applicable.
  • Ability to withdraw with daily dealing and valuation.
  • The redemption of shares shall be carried out on each Valuation Day on Net Asset Value per Share.
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