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Swan Income Fund

Grow your income. Invest for the medium to long term.

Launched in July 2019, the Swan Income Fund is geared towards fixed income investments to generate stable return, regular income and provide opportunities for capital growth.

With a target return of 3% p.a. in USD/ 4-5% p.a. in MUR, the Fund provides a conservative investment with stable income and a gateway to grow your income internationally.

As at November 2021, the Fund weighed MUR 846.68m with a yield to worst which stood at 3.4% (USD) and a high credit quality with 78% exposure to investment grade instruments. In terms of geographical and sector allocation, we continue to favour a diversified approach with a maximum of 10% exposure to any one issuer.

Dividend distributed in 2022: 3% in USD

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum Investment MUR 50,000
  • Income Distribution: There is a dividend distribution twice a year (depending on the performance of the fund and the local legislation).
  • Benchmark 5-Year T-Note Futures Index
  • Asset Mix: Investment Grade (78.2%), Non-investment grade (8.4%), Cash (13.4%)
  • Geographical Allocation as at November 2021: Europe & Middle East (39.0%), Americas (38.1%), Emerging Markets (9.6%) and Supranational (13.3%)
  • The Funds are accessible in MUR, USD, EUR, or GBP
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