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Personalised Solutions, Tailored To Your Unique Needs

As every client is unique, the service of our dedicated experts at SWAN Capital Solutions are built around them. Our approach is founded on nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients while helping them achieve their financial aspirations. Our wealth management specialists listen to you, your priorities, your circumstances, your expectations, and are entirely focused on assisting you in achieving your goals and ambitions.

Investment and Trading

Whether you are looking to grow your capital, generate an income, preserve your wealth, or safeguard your assets, our specialists work alongside you to ensure your interests lie at the core of our investment philosophy.

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Investment Funds

From short-term income and capital preservation, to medium-to-long term capital growth, our funds are designed with a bespoke approach that meets your investment requirements and investor profile.

Swan Global Funds

Corporate Advisory

As one of the largest financial services providers in Mauritius, SWAN Capital Solutions has the local expertise and global network to assist clients in achieving their financial goals.

Fund Raising | Valuation & Business Plan | Corporate Restructuring Advisory


No matter how complex your needs as an individual or a corporate are, our team of specialists takes the time to listen to your unique financial requirements, work together with you and provides a bespoke lending solution that’s right for you.

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