Investment Backed Loans

Optimise the cost of funding or maximise the return on your investment

Our investment backed loans are customised to provide you with a quick, flexible, and cost-efficient way to borrow against your investments. Swan Capital Solutions offers loans to its existing clients secured against their investment portfolios. Our portfolio lending solution enables clients to increase the capital they need without providing an additional security or a fixed charge on their assets while also keeping their investments intact under a pledge agreement.

Our Investment Backed loan also allows you to maximise your return on investment by taking a loan that will be invested in profitable instruments. The return on investment can also be used to subsidies the cost of funding.

Features & Benefits:

  • Term of Loan: A maximum of 10 years (Up to maximum age of 65 years)
  • Financing Amount: Based on the type of investment (Income Fund, Equity and Emerging Funds)
  • Variable Interest Rate: As from 6.65% per annum (Swan PLR 6.825% less 0.175%)
  • Currency of Loan: MUR
  • Collateral: Pledge on Swan Global Funds (Swan Income Fund, Swan Foreign Equity Fund and Swan Emerging Markets Equity Funds) or your portfolio of securities held with Swan Securities Ltd in favour of Swan Life Ltd