Corporate Advisory

Corporate Restructuring Advisory

Specialist advice to financial challenges

To survive today’s volatile economic environment, we understand the importance for companies to restructure, focus on service excellence, enhance employee involvement, and reduce costs. With deep experience in high profile and complex restructuring scenarios, SWAN Capital Solutions provides practical and solution-oriented advice on all types of restructurings, financings, and strategic options to clients.

Our specialist team helps organisations to identify the most relevant option for corporate restructuring when faced with specific challenges, by using feasibility studies to measure the anticipated advantages arising from restructuring. Our dedicated team also advises tough scenarios related to accounting, tax, and regulatory challenges to ensure the restructuring plan is well executed.

How we can help you

  • Company formation/liquidation advisory
  • Re-capitalisation and re-organisation advisory
  • Financial viability and business plan advisory
  • Advice on crisis stabilisation
  • Turnaround strategies