International Offering

Unmatched Global Opportunities

If you’re looking to invest outside the domestic space, investing in international markets could offer unmatched opportunities around the globe, including greater diversification and access to a spectrum of sectors.

Investors that are looking to trade on the international market must be either a registered client with Swan Securities Ltd or have a custodian account with a bank of their choice. Our expert team guides you through the whole process and helps you set up your account on our trading platform. The research and portfolio advisory team at Swan Capital Solutions provides you all the information you need to buy or sell shares on the international markets. Retail and institutional investors that have an account on our platform (includes custody services) can trade in full autonomy without the intervention of our trading desk. Investors are allowed to use their own custodian account and can liaise directly with our international trading desk.

How to invest through the Swan Securities platform

Step 1

  • Start onboarding process to register as a client
  • Sign our “Investment Clarification Notice”
  • Wait for confirmation of account setup

Step 2

  • Contact the research department for latest market trends and advice on portfolio allocation if necessary
  • Pre-fund your account in hard currency or ask us for availability of hard currency
  • Take note of the various fees and account for them (Trading fee, Custodian fee, Entry fee - applicable for some mutual funds and ETFs)

Step 3

  • Start trading in full autonomy